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honored to share journeys from those growing in the direction of their Created Capacity, guided by rebecca and balanced ground, as well as accolades from business owners and those changing the world in which we live.

Rebecca Nimrod’s mission is to walk alongside and encourage others in the direction of their created capacity. Balanced Ground is the conduit she’s been given. As a wife to Jonathan, mother of 3 and home chef, she has expanded her mission to bring delicious nutrition to those who gather around the table. Her degree in […]

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see and read success stories of people journeying towards their created capacity with rebecca and balanced ground.

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    Prior to meeting Rebecca, I did not recognize the lack of balance in my life; busy was my normal.  It was Rebecca’s gentle ability to draw me in and to the realization that I desperately needed to find time to slow down, to stop, and to refresh. By setting small, achievable goals, I began to add quiet and focused down-time to my schedule. Soon, it would be come routine and the discomfort I felt in the early days has disappeared.

    Through our coaching, I also have new eyes with which to see myself; my past, my present and my future.  Health Coaching with Rebecca has brought me to my center and balance in oh, so many ways.  I see food the scales, my life, and myself in a far healthier manner.  Physically and emotionally, our entire family is moving in the direction of health and wellness.

    Thank you Rebecca for being our educator, cheerleader, coach, and friend.  Our lives have been forever changed for the good, because we met you!

    - Tricia, VP Planning and Logistics Steve Madden

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